The Solardale art show is accepting submissions that envision a bright future for Southern Illinois and Carbondale. Submissions are also sought that celebrate the sun, moon and eclipse in any fashion.

This art show is asking you to envision the preferred state. What does a bright future in Carbondale (Southern Illinois) look like? Solardale is for a future that embraces bold initiatives and doesn’t resist positive change. Solardale is regenerative, a leader in all things green and sustainable.
Have you thought of solutions that should be implemented here? How do we make Carbondale more beautiful, more cutting-edge, more renewable? Have you thought about things that are needed? Art installations, green spaces, bike shares, electric public transportation: it’s all fair game. Let’s bring it to life!

Submissions need to be received by July 29th (RSVP needed). The show will hang from August 1st-August 26th with a closing reception/event.

For more information contact Elizabeth Donoghue at 618-525-3099 or Cristaudo’s/6Pence at 618-529-4303, or e-mail us at


sun cake