Local Indredients


Sourcing local ingredients and supporting local farmers and producers is very important to us.  We believe that buying locally helps strengthen our economy, allows us to utilize the best ingredients available, helps care for the environment, and builds community.  We are always striving to increase the seasonal and local items on our menu as well as to participate in local food systems development efforts.  

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Click on picture for more information

Because of this, in 2018 we were honored to be presented with a Golden Beet Award by the Illinois Stewardship Alliance.  The Golden Beets are “a series of awards created...to highlight progressive local food practices and recognize the people who are pushing the local food movement forward in Illinois.” 

We are proud to feature the talented farmers and producers we are currently working with and the wonderful bounty they provide for us.  We encourage you to learn more about them by clicking on their names below.



Local Farmers 

All Seasons Farm
Jill Rendleman
Cobden, IL

Leaf Food Hub
Little Egypt Alliance of Farmers
Southern IL

Misty Ridge Farm
Matthew & Rebekah Mast
Carbondale, IL

Union Springs Farm
Tim Francis
Cobden, IL

La Colina Linda Farm and B & B
Kathy Ward & Jeri Kinser
Cobden, IL

Laughing Possum Farm 
Bonnie Burton & Paul Frank
Cobden, IL

River to River Farm
Tam & John Pirmann
Tunnel Hill, IL

Lick Creek Pork & Beef J Buchheit Farm Lick Creek, IL

Beau Rêve Farm
Sonja Lallemand
Murphysboro, IL

McKaskle Family Farm 
Kaye & Steve McKaskle Braggadocio, MO

Shawnee Hills Lavender
Charlotte & Doug Clover
Cobden, IL

Flora Bay Farm  
Courtney Smith
Carbondale, IL

Milton Gerler
Gorham, IL

Shade Tree Farm
Pam & Ed Hickam
Carbondale, IL