Espresso Drinks

We offer a full menu of coffee and espresso drinks as well as free wireless internet for our customers. We have everything from your standard cappuccino to the intense "Squirrel" and "Striaght Jacket" flavored lattes.  Friendly service, local art, espresso, pastries and the internet...we have what you need to start the day off right!


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Thanksgiving Coffee


We are proud to serve Organic and Fair Trade Thanksgiving Coffee.  Thanksgiving Coffee has been an artisan coffee roaster in Northern California since 1972. They buy from small farms and cooperatives around the world and their family-run company is committed to sustainability. According to Thanksgiving Coffee, "specialty coffee has become the coffee that cares, not just about the product but also about the people who produce it and those who consume it. We are proud to say that after more than three decades our coffee is 'Not Just a Cup, but a Just Cup.'" We encourage you to visit their website to learn more about their company and the farmers who grow their coffee.